History of Annachhatra

Akkalkot is situated in Solapur district of Maharashtra. It is a Taluk place and situated on the borders of Maharashtra and Karnataka. You can reach Akkalkot by state transport bus and railway, taking route of Solapur, Naldurg, Gulbarga, Ganagapur, Afzalpur. Akkalkot is a city of historic importance and it was a Princely state and the rulers were the Bhosales. It has a tradition of mighty warriors like Shrimant Fattehsinhraje Bhosale, Shahajiraje-I, Malojiraje, Fattehsingh III and Shrimant Vijaysinhraje Bhosale. Akkalkot became famous in Maharasthra and entire India due to the holy avatar of Shri Dattatreya, Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj. His avatar occurred during the reign of Shrimant Malojiraje. Shrimant Malojiraje was a follower of Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj. During his twenty two years’ stay in Akkalkot, Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj created many miracles and thus became popular all over Maharashtra.

Inspiration behind Annachhatra

A few sadhus came for seeking darshan of Swami Samarth Maharaj in Akkalkot temple. After the darshan was over, they enquired about any meal facility to respected Mohan Pujari ji and Shri Janmejayraje Bhosale. They arranged for their meals. But, Shri Janmejayraje Bhosale was disappointed with the fact that there was no such facility for the devotees traveling from other places to Akkalkot. After a few days while the painting work of God Shri Dattatreya and Godess Shri Jagadamba Bhavani Mata was going on in the temple, respected Mohan Pujariji expressed an idea to Hon’ble Janmejayraje Bhosale that there must be an Annachhatra in this virtuous place. Hon’ble Janmejayraje Bhosale backed the idea and discussed it with the devotees present there.

Starting of Annachhatra

As the Gurupournima celebrations were nearing, the then King Bhoale Maharaj decided to start the free food facility (Annachhatra) on the holy occasion of Gurupournima. The Bhosale Family had the blessings of Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj and hence, Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj initiated the pious work of offering free food to devotees at the hands of Shri Janmejayraje Bhosale Maharaj. With proper planning made before hands, Shri Janmejayraje Bhosale with the help of few enthusiastic youth, on the holy day of Gurupournima did group recital of Shri Swami Samarth Charitra Saramrut and also asked bhiksha at 45 homes situated in the temple locality. Then cooked the 3 kg rice so collected and offered it to Shri Swami Samarth and then served it as the ‘Mahaprasad’ to devotees present in the temple. Thus, the Annachhatra was so founded on the holy day of Gurupournima on 29th July 1988. This activity was named as “Shri Swami Samarth Annachhatra Mandal Akkalkot”. To receive recognition in governmental records, the Annachhatra was registered as a society initially by the regn. number 2094 Solapur. This Annachhatra started expanding and due to the flow of donations from devotees from other cities, they realized the need to establish a Trust. Therefore, Shri Janmejayraje Bhosale registered a public trust by making his near ones as trustees. (Public Trust No. F/ 2279/ Solapur Dated 29/11/1989) Hon’ble Janmejayraje Bhosale was elected as the Founder President of the Trust and the trust started its operations under his able guidance. Initially, the free food offering would take place on every Thursday. Within a short span of time, it started on every Thursday and Sunday. Taking into consideration the need and the response of devotees from other cities, Hon’ble Janmejayraje Bhosale decided to start Annachhatra on land next to northern gate of Devasthan. Great saint Matoshri Ambutai Khanderao Sardeshmukh donated her own land for this virtuous initiative. It was her motherly support that made the annachhatra work took great pace. A few of the devotees of Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj from Akkalkot also extended help for the same. With their help and the donations received from devotees, a tin shade was erected which could accommodate upto 200 devotees at a time. Since January 1989, with the huge response from the devotees, the Annachhatra started offering Mahaprasad twice a day. .

Shifting of Annachhatra to New Place

The Annachhatra was expanding with time. With the tremendous response from devotees coming from other cities, it would be always crowded and the present space proved insufficient. Therefore, 16 acres of land belonging to Shri Veerbhadra Kokale, situated at the southern side of the Devasthan on Maidanrgi road on Ganagapur road was purchased at a nominal price. Actually, Shri Kokale wasn’t very willing to sell this piece of land; but, it was given to him during the reign of Shrimant Vijaysinhraje Bhosale and he offered it as Shri Janmejayraje Bhosale, the son of Shri Vijaysinhraaje Bhosale was in need of it for the noble cause of the Annachhatra. They did the leveling of the land once it was acquired. The huge permanent tin shade standing on the said land was erected by respected Dattaanna Suravase, an industrialist from Solapur. This shade now accommodates 1000 devotees for Mahaprasad. This Mahaprasad hall, there is a huge kitchen, store room, cleaning/washing room, place for washing hands, and facilities for atta chakki room, peanut grinding, preparing atta dough, grinding chillies, donation counter, etc., were also made available.

Director Body

विश्वस्त मंडळ

Shri Santosh Jagannath Bhosale (Employee Representative) Mrs Alka Janmejayraaje Bhosale (Women’s Representative) Mrs. Anita Abhay Khobare (Women’s Representative)
नांव पद
1 Hon’ble Shri Janmejayraaje Vijaysinhraaje Bhosale Founder President
2 Shri Vijay Janmejayraaje Bhosale Executive Trustee
3 Shri Abhay Gunadhar Khobare Vice- President
4 Shri Swamirao Shivaram More Secretary
5 Shri Sanjay Lakhanlal Rathod Treasurer
6 Mrs Alka Janmejayraaje Bhosale (Women’s Representative) Trustee
7 Mrs. Anita Abhay Khobare (Women’s Representative) Trustee
8 Shri Janardhan Ganpat Thorat Trustee
9 Shri Chandrakant Bhanudasrao Kapse Trustee
10 Shri Rajendra Shivashankar Limbitote Trustee
11 Shri. Ashok Shankar Kinikar Trustee
12 Shri Lakshman Vitthalrao Patil (Employee Representative) Trustee
13 Shri Santosh Jagannath Bhosale (Employee Representative) Trustee
14 Sou. Arpita Vijay Bhosale Trustee
15 Sou. Anuya Sandip Phuge Trustee

Annachhatra Staff

Since the initiation of Annachhtra till today, Shri S K Swami (Cashier), Shri Dhanappa Kadappa (Chief Chef), Shri Shahaji Shivaji Yadav (Manager), Shri Prakash Shekappa Gaikwad (Manager), Mrs Mathurabai Patil (Mahaprasad Women’s Head), Mrs. Godavari Jagannath Bhosale (Women’s Chief- Vegetables) Smt. Gaurabai Bhusnure (Women’s Chief- Cooking) must be mentioned specifically who started working voluntarily and taking nominal remuneration after the Annachhatra established well. Their honest and sincere services towards the Annachhatra are worth mentioning. Since the Annachhatra work has expanded, the number of employees engaged in clerical work, chefs, serving staff, roti makers, vegetable cleaning staff, staff engaged in cleaning grains, and cleaning staff, security staff, staff in Yatri Niwas and Yatri Bhuvan has reached to totaling to 250. All of them are paid according to their work. Similarly, a few Swami Sevak work as volunteers and not paid any remuneration. All of these staff members work all day and night selflessly and humbly and it has helped the Annachhatra grow into such a huge organization.

Initial contribution by the State Transport

The Annachhatra started in 1988 and in 1989 it was registered as a social trust considering the increasing response of devotees. To imbibe and develop the idea of Annachhatra and keep the noble work of free food facility on, the then State Transport officials extended help. The Founder President of Annachhatra Hon’ble Janmejayraaje Vijaysinhraaje Bhosale was working in the accounts department of State Transport Regional Office at Solapur, which has helped the Annachhatra in a great way. Employees from Solapur regional office, Akkalkot depot, and other depots have generously donated upto two and half lakhs rupees for the Annachhatra and contributed to a great extent in establishing of the Annachhatra activity. Annachhatra Trust recognizes the effort. Presently, there are 30-35 State Transport buses coming to Akkalkot for a night hault and Annachhatra looks after the stay and food facility for all the drivers and conductors.

Dignitaries from Maharashtra Visiting Annachhatra.

Since the inception in 1988 (Gurupournima), Annachhatra started growing day by day and in no time it was known as the one and only ideal institution in Maharashtra. Similarly, with the devotion of Shri Swami Samarth spreading vastly, many dignitaries started visiting Akkalkot for darshan and Mahaprasad. They felt content visiting Annachhatra after receiving Mahaprasad. Amongst the political leaders hon’ble Sushilkumarji Shinde, hon’ble Central Power Minister Shivraj Patil Chakurkar, hon’ble Central Home Minister Late Shankarrao ji Chanvhan, Hon’ble Late Vilasrao ji Deshmukh, Hon’ble Shri Vijaydada Mohite Patil, Hon’ble Late Pratapsinhji Mohite Patil, Hon’ble Shri Ranjisinhji Mohite Patil, Hon’ble Shri Chhangan Bhujbal, Hon’ble Minister Shri Handore Saheb, Hon’ble Minister Shri Sunil ji Tatkare Saheb, Hon’ble Minister Late Davkhare saheb, Hon’ble Shri Sachin ji Ahir saheb, Hon’ble Minister Kantatai Nalawade, Shrimat Pushpatai Hire, Hon’ble, Vamanrao Mahadik , Hon’ble Shri Bhai Jagatap, Hon’ble MLA Ulhasji Pawar, Hon’ble Anna Thorat, Hon’ble Shri Narayan Rane, Hon’ble Fundkar, Hon’ble Late Gopinath ji Munde, Hon’ble Shri Babanrao Pachpute, Forest Minister Hon’ble Shri Vinay ji Kore, Hon’ble Shri Anand ji Devkate, Hon’ble Shri Sudhakarpant Paricharak, Hon’ble Shri Digvijaysingh, Hon’ble CM (M.P.) Dhairyasheel Mohite Patil, Shri N S Farande, Hon’ble Shri Hasan Mushrif, Hon’ble MP Chandrakant Khaire and others expressed satisfaction after visiting Annachhatra about its work. Similarly, respected Shri Vasudevan, Shri Pravinsinh Pardeshi, Shri Dipak Kapoor, Shri Apurvachandra M. Jadhav, Shri Arun Bongirwar, Shri Jagadish Patil, Shri Anil Diggivar, Shri Bhagwantrao More, Shri Dhananjayrao Jadhav, Shri Arvind Inamdar, Hon’ble Shri Reddy, Shrinivasan ji, etc. Hon’ble MLA Siddharam Mhetre, Hon’ble Minister Shri Ranjitkumar, Dr. Rajendra Bhosale, District Collector, Shri Vidyadhar Anaskar, Finance Expert, Pune, Shri Rajendra Bharud, Hon’ble Shri Vijay Deshmukh, Hon’ble Shri Ashishji Phadanvis, Industrialist Nagpur, Prof. Vyankatesh Abadeo, VHP, Hon’ble Shri Pravin Togadiya, VHP, respected Yog Guru Swami Ramadev Baba, Hon’ble Shri Maheshji Rabade- PA to Lata Mangeshkar ji, respected Shri Vishwas Nangare Patil, Special Police Inspector General, Hon’ble Shri Diwakar Ravate- Transport Minister, Hon’ble MLA Babandada Shinde, Hon’ble MLA Rajan Patil, Hon’ble MLA Ajitdada Pawar- Hon’ble Ex Dy CM, Hon’ble Shri Veeresh Prabhu, Hon’ble Shri Eknath Khadase- Ex Minister, Hon’ble Mrs Chitra Wagh, hon’ble Mrs Yashomati Thakur, Hon’ble MLA Sachin Ahir- Ex Minister, Hon’ble shri Balasaheb Dabhekar, Pune, Hon’ble Mrs Neelam Gorhe, Mumbai, Cricketer Hon’ble Shri Dileep Vengasarkar, Hon’ble Shri Amit Deshmukh, Latur, Hon’ble Mrs Vidya Thakur, Hon’ble Ex CM Shri Ashokrao Chauvhan, respected Mr and Mrs Prakash Amate, Dr. Tatyarao Lahane, Eye- Specialist, Hon’ble Shri Sahariya- Election Commissioner, Hon’ble Shri Hanmantarao Gaikwad, BVG Group, respected Shri Sudhir Gadagil, respected Adv. Shri Ujjaval Nikam, Hon’ble MP Sanjay (Nana) Kakade, Hon’ble Shri Virendra Kirad, Pune. Also, dignitaries and adhyatmik gurus viz., Hon’ble MP Shri Bhaiyyumaharaj, Indore, respected 1008 Chandrashekhar Shivachary Mahaswamiji, Dnyanapeeth Kashi, respected Anna maharaj Waikar, respected Katkar Maharaj, respected Dighe Mavashi, Todkar Maharaj, Mungle Maharaj, respected Zurale Maharaj, respected Bhau Thaware visited Annachhatra and expressed satisfaction about the ongoing work and conveyed their blessings for the same.

Cooperation to Annachhatra

Adv. Nitin Vishnusaheb Habib stood selflessly with Annachhatra trust to look after the legal formalities of it. Similarly, Adv. Sureshchandraji Bhosale, Pune is looking after the legal formalities and matters of Annachhatra at present; and Adv. Nitin Habib, solapur works as a legal advisor for Annachhatra. Locally Adv. Santosh Khobare looks after the legal aspects and extends valuable cooperation. Since the beginning till date, CA G M Pavale, Solapur looks after the accounts and audits for Annachhatra. He works for a nominal remuneration as swami seva. About audits he extends valuable guidance and locally Shri Omkareshwar Utage, CA looks after the accounts and audits. Similarly, Shri Vidyadhar Anaskar, Pune, financial expert and Financial Advisor of Reserve Bank also extends his guidance from time to time. Because of the strong support of the above, Shri Swami Samarth Annachhatra Mandal has achieved spectacular progress.

Contribution of Late Shivajirao Pise (Maharaj) and Late Balasaheb Shinde

Hon’ble Late Shivajirao Pise Maharaj and Late Balasaheb Shinde from Solapur have contributed since the beginning of Annachhatra. Also, they offered valuable guidance and strong support from time to time. In the days of adversity, both offered moral support to Hon’ble Janmejayraje Bhosale and raised his morale.

People who donated agricultural land to the organization

Influenced by the noble work of Annachhatra, few devotees have donated their agricultural land to the organization and contributed to Shri Swami Seva:
• Late Babasaheb Govindrao Deshmukh, at post Ingalagi, donated his 37 acres of horticultural land by a gift deed.
• Late Virappa Pirappa Biradar, at post Baslegaon, Tal. Akkalkot donated 19 acres of horticultural land by a gift deed.
• Late Anandaro More, at post Abawadi, Akkalkot, donated his 2.5 acres of agricultural land to the Annachhatra.
• Late Vasudev Bandoba Kadam, at post Tambole, Tal. Mohol donated 24 acres of his agricultural land
• Shri Potdar, Akkalkot donated his land at Mauje Gaudgaon measuring 2.5 acres to the Annachhatra.
• Annachhatra Mandal has purchased 512 acres of land adjoining Maindargi road from Shri Kumbhar, Akkalkot at a nominal price for its future activities and initiatives.
• Also, Annachhatra Mandal has purchased another land measuring 5 acres with a construction of 72 rooms on it for future educational projects purpose.