Accommodation Facility for Outstation Devotees

The Mahaprasad facility has brought convenience to the outstation devotees. But, there was no accommodation facility for the thousands of people visiting Akkalkot. Hence, the Annachhatra Mandal undertook construction of Yatri Niwas worth 15 crores.

  • • Rs. 39,000/- construction donation scheme - said scheme is for Yatri Niwas- I and it was for limited rooms and hence is over now.

    - There are 66 rooms in Yatri Niwas-I and min. 39,000/- donation was accepted and name of the donar was given to the room.

  • • Rs. 51,000/- Room Construction Scheme: this scheme is over and Yatri Bhuvan II is also available to the devotees

  • Accommodation Booking Facility in the Annachhatra

    Yatri Niwas-I and Yatri Buvan 2 are the two buildings available for accommodation of devotees and the advance booking facility for the same is simple and effortless. Outstation devotees who wish to stay at Akkalkot for darshan/ Mahaprasad can contact on 02181/222555 Yatri Niwas-I and 0281/222587 for advance booking. There are no charges for advance booking. Also, you may avail a room even if you have not booked in advance. Both the buildings are large enough and accommodation is always available.

    Shri Shamivighnesh Ganesh Mandir and Sabha Mandap

    After a piece of land was bought in the vicinity of Annachhatra for accommodation rooms, while leveling the land, a Shami tree was found exactly in the middle of the land. Hence, in 1994, a Ganesh idol was installed under the tree and a small temple structure was built. Over the period of time, many devotees had experience in the form of their prayers being realized and soon this temple received recognition as it fulfills your prayers. Therefore, it was named as “Shri Shamivighnesh Ganesh”. The number of devotees visiting this temple was increasing day by day and hence, it was decided to carry out renovation of the temple. Accordingly, the renovation was carried out and also a huge Mandap hall of size 42’ * 30’ was also decided to be constructed. Also, behind the temple accommodation facility of 12’*15’ size 8 rooms were constructed along with toilets on two floors. The Sabha Mandap was built. A small Shri Hanuman Mandir and a tin shed was constructed in front of it. In both the temples, Shivsmarak is also erected.

    Other Constructions

    The Waiting hall was built in 2001. Considering the increasing number of devotees availing Mahaprasad facility and the waiting time, the Annachhatra Mandal has built a huge waiting hall of size 100’*20’ near the compound wall of Mahaprasad hall. The said waiting hall can accommodate 1000 people at a time and the devotees wait here and then are let to the Mahaprasad hall in que.